Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Growing Hemp to Become Legal In Florida?

via the Orlando Sentinel by Susan Jacobson
Bill would make hemp legal for research in Florida
Cory Trusty sells hemp-oil soap and shampoo bars, hemp-fiber pillows and hemp-and-cotton washcloths through her Internet business based near Daytona Beach.
She'd like to buy the hemp and finished products locally for AquarianBath.com, but Trusty must rely on China and Canada to fulfill her orders. That's because growing hemp is illegal in Florida.
A proposed law would change the status of the plant in the state, opening the door to a potential multimillion-dollar industry.....  continued here

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pretty New Hemp Washcloth Colors: Purple, Green and Red

Set of 4 green and white Hemp-Organic cotton washcloths.
We have brand new French Terry washcloths in green, purple and red. The fabric is the same hemp-Organic cotton blend Terry as our white towels.  They are available singly or in the sets pictured here. 

Lastly, we have these festive holiday sets for those doing early Christmas shopping.  Both the red and green towels have a light green edge that is serged with cotton thread. 

Thanks for looking. Shop for soaps to go with these towels here:  Aquarian Bath Soap.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Organic Cotton Flaxseed Microwavable Neck Pillows

Aquarian Bath has new microwavable flaxseed neck pillows in stock. With a frigid Winter forecast on the way, pick some up for yourself or someone who needs one.  These 2 florals are a soft light weight Organic Cotton Corduroy by Cloud 9 fabrics. The flowers on these fabrics look like chamomile and would be great made like these, with Organic Spearmint-Chamomile-Lavender. Our other options are unscented, Lavender, Spearmint, Lavender-Spearmint, or Lavender-Rose. We are not sure if we will have Lavender-Rose through the end of 2015 due to Organic rose petal supplies. We are starting now to dry and safe home-grown petals in case we need to use them later. 

We also have a solid dark green Organic Cotton neck pillow and a solid khaki microwavable pillow.

Dark Green Organic Cotton Microwave Pillow

Khaki Organic Cotton Microwave Pillow

Thanks for Looking. Shop here:

Sunday, September 20, 2015

These Zero Waste Soaps Helped Us Cut Back on Oil Waste

I saw an article a while ago on our #PlasticFree Living Daily Paper.li about using waste oil from restaurants for making soaps. It gave me the idea to put together all the old oil scrap material we have here and turn it into soap. I used oil from retail samples of salves and balms, test batches of lotion bars and body butter, and some random oils that we acquired that we don't actually use in our products, for example, a very pungent mustard seed oil. After weighing and melting down the oils, I estimated the percentage of various oils and calculated my best guess at the amount of lye to use to convert them to soap. Four weeks later, her we have nine fairly ugly soaps, but very functional with mild lather. They smell a bit oddly of spicy and pungent Jasmine, but they work! I have been using small pieces from this batch to wash dishes with our Zero Waste Soap Savers. I'm not sure where these bars are headed, maybe freecycle or the local church's food pantry. If anyone wants one as a freebie with their US order, let me know ASAP.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Beach Clean up In Ormond Saturday for International Coastal Clean up Day

Saturday is international Beach Clean up Day. We are hosting a beach clean up in Ormond Beach at the Neptune Beach approach from 5-6:30 pm. Hope you can join us. There is overflow parking at the church. If you can't come in the morning, Volusia county is also hosting morning clean up events that you can find on the Ocean Conservancy website. Bring gardening gloves and buckets if you have them. The above photo is from the last beach clean up that we hosted for Plastic Free July earlier this year.